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Address:   90. Bloc 109, Cite Charaf, Agadir 80 000,  Morocco.

Telephone:            (212) 05 28 82 52 96 Mobile:                 (212) 06 66 92 59 08

E-mail: abdellatif.zoubair@gmail.com

Website : www.zoubaireltcommunity.ac.ma

Youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/zoubairn

Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=631351895

Nationality:     Moroccan

Date of birth:  October 26th, 1958.

Family status:  Married, one son.  


ELT (English Language Teaching) Supervisor, Regional Academy for Education and Training, Agadir, Morocco.


  • 1981: Post-graduate diploma, English Language Teaching Methodology, Faculty of    Education (Ex-Ecole Normale Superieure), Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco.
  • 1980: B. A. In English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco.


        N.B. The online courses above have been sponsored by RELO (Regional English Language Office), US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco.



  • July 2019: Chairing the first session of the first national forum on the “Development of Digital Educational Resources” organized by Omafor-Tice on 16 and 17 July 2019 in Agadir.
  • July 17, 2019: gave a presentation on “Using Mobile Applications to Promote English Language Learning” at the 4th National Seminar on Mobile Learning organizing by Omafor-Tice in  Agadir.
  • June 13- 22, 2019: Led the team of  Moroccan teachers participating in Connecting Classrooms Program during their visit to Lincolnshire, UK following an invitation from British schools
  • November 2018:  Gave a presentation on “ Professional Development for Language Teachers” at Dakhla TESOL Conference.
  • November 2018: participation in the second ICT for Education seminar on “Flipped classrooms” organized by the Moroccan observatory of training and research in TICE (OMaFoR-TICE) in Marrakech, November 1-2,2018.
  • July 2018: was awarded Royal National Order of Merit First Class by order of His Majesty Mohammed VI.
  • April 2018 : Attended the Second International Conference on “Sahara International: Model United Nations” in Agadir, with delegates from 50 countries
  • May 2017: attended the National Conference on School in the Digital Society, in Agadir.
  • July 2017 : Participated in  the 2017 iEARN international conference , organized in Marrakech under the theme “Innovative Technologies for  Quality of Global Education”, 17-22 July 2017.
  • March 2017 : A. Zoubair got the Microsoft Office Certificate, delivered by Microsoft Office certification.
  • March 2017 : A. Zoubair won the «  Innovative Educator » Award , provided by Génie programme directorate and the Ministry of National Education  and Microsoft Morocco.
  • January 2017: Served as coordinator of  MoRCE-Net 5th National Conference under the theme “  English Language Resource Centers : Promoting Core Skills through  Mobile learning Technologies”  from 31st January to 2nd  February 2017, in Marrakech.
  • January 2017: Gave a paper  and conducted a workshop on “Using Mobile Applications to Promote English Language Learning” at MoRCE-Net 5th National Conference organized in Marrakech, Jan 31st – Feb 2nd , 2017.
  • November 2016: Served as coordinator of the Fourth National Access Centers’ Talent Show  (N-ACTS ) of MoRCE-Net, from 18 to 20 November 2016, Agadir, in collaboration with RELO, US Embassy, Morocco.
  • October 2016: Abdellatif Zoubair was appointed Regional Coordinating Supervisor at the Souss Massa Academy.
  • 2016: Mr. Abdellatif  Zoubair supervised,  in coordination with MORCE-Net,  a study day where he gave a presentation for  The  CRMEF trainees,  Inezgane, May 24, 2016.
  • 2016: Organized English resource center day in coordination with MoRCE- Net under the theme” Sharing Best Practsies and Successful Initiatives”, Anoual High School, April 26, 2016.
  • 2016: Abdellatif Zoubair participated in the  training workshop  of “Connecting Classrooms Project 3”,  February  18, 19, 20, 2016 at Mohamed  Zerktouni  training center, Agadir.
  • 2016: Abdellatif Zoubair  attended the “International School Awards Ceremony”, held at Mohamed  Zerktouni  training center in  Agadir, February 17; 2016., as trainer and regional coordinator of the project.
  • 2016: Organizing and supervising the MoRCE-Net 4th National Conference from 25 to 27 January,2016, Marrakech.
  • 2015: Gave a workshop on “Promoting Teacher Development through Peer Observation” at the MoRCE-Net study day organized in CRMEF, Agadir, May 27, 2015.
  •  2015: Gave a workshop on “Promoting Professional Development through Reflective Teaching” at  the MoRCE-Net study day organized in  Ouled Teima, June 4, 2015
  • 2015: Worked as coordinator of the third National Access Centers’ Talent Show  (N-ACTS ) of MoRCE-Net, from 06 to 08 November 2015, Marrakech.
  • March 2015: Attended fifth edition of the Spring University under the topic of: The Issue of  Values in the Education System, in Marrakech, Morocco, organized by APEF group ( Action Pédagogique pour l’Educaton et la Formation).
  • January 2015: Organizing and supervising the MoRCE-Net 3rd National Conference from 25 to 27 January,2015, Agadir. Morocco.
  • 2014: Attended the Maghreb Digital Learning and Education Innovation Conference, organized by the British Council  from 8 to 10 December, Tunisia.
  • 2014 :Organizing and supervising the second National Access Centers’ Talent Show  (N-ACTS ) of MoRCE-Net, from 16 to18 November 2014, Marrakech.
  • 2014: Gave a workshop on ” Promoting Lifelong Learning through Community Service Projects” at The 1st International Conference on Education for Democratic Citizenship of Moroccan Center for Civic Education MCCE
  • 2013: Attended IATEFL Conference, Liverpool, UK.
  • 2012: Served as a member of the jury for the International School Award, the British Council, Morocco, September 2012.
  • 2012: Was elected vice-president of the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE), www.mate.ma
  • 2012: Co-organized an international visit program for a group of graduate and postgraduate students to Agadir schools, with John Kesner, Ph.D. Director of International Programs, College of Education,  Georgia State University.
  • 2011: was elected (first) president of the Moroccan Resource Centers of English Network (MoRCE-Net), www.morce.net
  • 2009- Present:  Setting up TLCs/PLCs (Teacher/Professional Learning Communities) for teachers in the Agadir supervisory area.
  • 2009-2012:  Working as cluster coordinator for the Connecting Classrooms Project, sponsored by the British Council and the Souss Mass Draa Academy. As part of the project action plan included a pre-contact seminar in North Yorkshire and London in October 2009. Also involved in the International School Award (ISA), another important component of the project.

    N.B. All the (8) schools that we have supervised and that have submitted their ISA portfolios have been granted the ISA, 8 out of 14 at the national level. See article here:

  • 2011-2014: Serving as a member of the national coordinating committee for the Access programme, a project funded by the RELO at the US Embassy and MATE (The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English) aiming to provide English language and enhancement classes for students coming from underprivileged families and resource-poor areas.
  • 2012-Present:  Serving as national coordinator for the Access program, within MoRCE-Net, www.morce.net.
  • 2012-Present : Co-organized, presented at various study  days and national conferences by MoRCE-Net, www.morce.net.
  • 2008-2009:  Worked as a translator for AMPL (The Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots working for RAM, the national airline company); translated correspondence, research studies, announcements, press releases, website content (www.ampl.ma) as well as various documents relating to the organization of IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations) Conference that took place in Marrakech, Morocco, March 2010.
  • 2007-Present: Created and helped teachers create web-pages and compile resources on online platforms and social networks (nicenet.org, www.zoubaireltcommunity.ac.ma) to help foster teachers` personal and professional growth.
  • 2007:  Attended and gave a presentation on “Using ICT to promote teacher development” at the Twelfth Skills Conference, held at the American University of Cairo, January 2007. (Sponsored by RELO, US Embassy, Morocco)
  • 2006-2010: Worked as national trainer at the STTF (national Summer Teacher Training Forum), co-organized by the Ministry of National Education and RELO, US Embassy, Morocco.
  • 2003-2004: Translated documents preceding the setting up of the Mohamed VI Foundation for Environment Protection, mainly resources relating to the International Foundation for Environmental Education.
  • 1994-Present: Organizer and trainer of seminars for ELT professionals on topics ranging from test-design, standards-based education to alternative assessment.
  • 1993-1994: Contributed to the `test-item bank` project, co-funded by the Ministry of National Education and the British Council, Morocco.
  • 1987-Present: Gave presentations, workshops and keynote speech at various workshops, seminars and conferences, organized by MATE, namely the ICT for ELT National Conference www.mate.ma.
  • 1986:    Co-founded the First ELT Resource Centre in Morocco; was appointed by the Ministry of National Education Coordinator of the Centre in October of the same year.

N.B. At present, helping set up similar projects in other places (mainly resource-poor areas) across Morocco. PUBLICATIONS:

  • 2012: published an article entitled: “Motivation: what it means, where it comes from, and how it can be sustained”, on MATE Newsletter, Volume 30, Winter-Spring 2012.
  • 2012: served as a member of the editorial board for the MATE Newsletter, Volume 30, Winter-Spring 2012.
  • 2011: co-authored an English textbook series, Atlas English (six books/levels), for primary schools, comprising six students’ books, six workbooks, six teachers’ manuals, six audio CDs, six interactive CDs. At present working on VAs, posters, picture dictionaries and a website for the book series. Published by Dar Almarifa, Rabat. http://www.groupeelmaarif.com
  • 2007: Conducted an action research study on “Enhancing Students` Involvement and Enjoyment” (not published).
  • 1991-Present: As a member of the pedagogical research unit, contributed to the     production of handbooks or booklets, published by the academy, such as: “Teaching Writing” 1992; “Assessing Oral Skills” 1993; “A Grid for Class Observation and Evaluation” 1994; “Activities for Split-class Hours” 1997.
  • 1987-Present: Wrote articles for MATE newsletters on `Setting up a resource centre” and `promoting professional development.” www.mate.ma


  • 2008: Granted an award for educational research by the American Language Center, Agadir, member of the American Cultural Association, to attend the TESOL Convention in New York in April 2008.
  • 1991: Annual ELT Award granted by MATE and the British Council, Morocco, to take part in a summer course in Lancaster University, England.


  • Moroccan Arabic
  • Classical Arabic
  • Tachelhit.

Other language(s):

  • English, proficient user.
  • French, proficient user.
  • Spanish: basic user, understanding reading.


  • Operation System: Windows 7 .
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel and MS Project.
  • Other: Web 2 tools for education, multi-media materials, social networks.


In-service teacher training, testing, action research, using information and communication technology for instruction and teacher development, promoting professional learning communities, supporting volunteer work among teachers to set up resource centres and self-access corners in schools.


Cross-cultural partnerships, translation, providing (mainly educational) support for people in resource-poor areas.


  • John Mitchell, Director, The British Council, Rabat, Morocco; Email: John.Mitchell@britishcouncil.org
  •  Amina El Abdellaoui, Education Projects Manager, The British Council, Rabat, Morocco; Email: Amina.Elabdellaoui@britishcouncil.org.ma
  • Rachid Amrani, Department chief, Directorate of Curricula, Ministry of National education, Rabat, Morocco; Email: sidiamrani@gmail.com
  • John Kesner, Ph.D. Associate Professor,  Director of International Programs, College of Education,  Georgia State University. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Rebecca Smoak, Regional English Language Officer, American Embassy, Rabat, Morocco. Email: smoakrb@state.gov
  • Abdellatif Alghadi, Ph. D. , Professor, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, Rabat, Morocco. Email : alghadi@gmail.com
  • Youness Elbousty, Assistant Professor, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA. Email: jonas.elbousty@yale.edu
  • Lu-Ann Hassanin, director, American Language Center, Agadir, Morocco. Email: alcagad@aca.org.ma
  • Mohammed Hassim, textbook writer, ex-president of MATE (The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English). Email: mhassim2@yahoo.co.uk.
  • Nick cherkas, English Projects Manager, the British Council, Morocco. Email : nick.cherkas@britishcouncil.org.ma.
  • Robert Lindsey, RELO (Regional English Language Officer), US Embassy, Rabat, Morocco, Email: PetzoldRE@state.gov.